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Playable prototype is now live on!

Say hello to Typer Dungeon - a typing game. It's already released on, check it out. Download it, run it and… good luck - you'll need it!

Asteroid Arena released in May

News & Updates

A lot of things are going on here at GameLoom Studio, and we would like to share with you right here when we have something interesting to tell. We also share news on Facebook and Twitter.

Interested in what the cogs are in the games we make? Potential spoilers and alpha images? Head over to our development blog.

November 2022 - Typer Dungeon Prototype and Discord Server

We've been working on Typer Dungeon for long enough to have a playable prototype. Instead of keeping this build to ourselves, we decided to release it on where you can get it for free. If you want to share feedback, get some spoilers and in-development screenshots, or just hang-out, head over to our Discord server.

May 2022 - First Release Coming

Earlier this month we checked the last check box required to release Asteroid Arena on Steam™. If you haven't already, mark the date in your calendar, 30th of May!… Or if you're here from the future, check it out already! Download Link

January 2022 - The Beginning

Once upon a time it was just a little idea we played around with, then a joke amongst us; "let's make a game company!", then a plan, now it's reality! We founded GameLoom Studio last month, no investors, no management, just two developers wanting to make games. With our first game already close to being feature complete, we hope this is the start of a long journey.